About Us


Thank you for visiting our Abraham Lincoln School website. Abraham Lincoln School was constructed on the site of Bangor’s original Abraham Lincoln School, a building that stood on the edge of Chapin Park from 1895 until 1973. While Abraham Lincoln School has a rich tradition, our instructional programs represent the most current educational strategies. Our students experience a rich blend of theme studies, fine arts activities, and academic skills in grades Pre-K through 3. Student achievement is consistently among the highest in the nation.

Abraham Lincoln was designed in a way that was unique in 1974 and remains unusual today. The 12 classrooms are located in a large open area separated by shoulder high book shelves and storage units. Our library/resource center is located in the middle of the building, as are most of our support programs. This design stimulates respect for learning opportunities among children and the sharing of instructional ideas among teachers. Visitors are always amazed at the quiet tone in such an open learning environment. Outside the building, visitors are greeted by our wonderful gardens that were created and maintained by our PTO members and families. The gardens welcome visitors to our school and reflect our commitment to positive membership in our neighborhood.

We offer a full day pre-kindergarten program. The children in the program truly enjoy their first year of schooling and  are very ready for success next year in kindergarten. We also offer a number of academic intervention programs through Community School. Students who need more instruction, or extensions to classroom instruction, receive these support services by extending the school day.

Our students participate in regular music, art and physical education classes. These activities, coupled with the daily classroom experiences, make Abraham Lincoln School an exciting place for children to begin their educational journey.